Monday, October 09, 2006

Quick Update

You know time is just flying by when you look at your wall calendar and realize that you haven't changed it for 2 months. Just a quick update. I am getting ready for my internship in Japan. My anxiety levels are excalating and I am definately feeling really emotional at this time. Let's just say I am scared shitless and I am sad to leave. At the same time, I applied for this and I don't want to let anyone down by chickening out. I will be pumped, but not at this moment.

I just came back from a Western Regional Conference, yes, AIESEC. It was really awesome. I don't have time to debrief yet but hopefully when I get some pictures I can highlight the key points.

Also, I got to visit Irene and her new apartment last week-end. It's a really nice apartment and we had a lot of fun. A few of us got to go up and we got to see a bit of Edmonton's night life. That was a lot of fun. Shopping was great too, I don't think I bought anything though. Except a shot glass for Kyle. You owe me one! No wait, I bought a hair straightener too...dope. So much for saving up!

Oh yah, I also got a new MacBook. It is super awesome, but some features that I got used to using on a pc have gone missing so I'm getting used to that. Hopefully, I will be up and running at full speed soon and my posting life will just bloom.