Thursday, June 21, 2007

Malaysia, Perhentian Islands: May 23-25

After a jungle adventure, it makes sense to plop ourselves on a nice beach. We travelled by bus and then by speedboat to the Perhentian Islands after Taman Negara. On our rush to get to the islands, we didn't stop at an ATM to refresh our funds so we each had about $30 each to spend on Long Beach which is on the smaller island. It was fine, but that meant we couldn't go snorkelling. We are kicking ourselves now because we have been told that it is the best snorkeling since there aren't that many tourists and you get to see turtles and sharks. We instead invested in doing our laundry. Clothes that have gone through the jungle smells really rancid so getting them cleaned was definately a priority.

Anyways, we stayed at the cheapest chalet that we could find called Symphony Chalet. Our place was pretty good. The guys who worked there were from Thailand and we would chat with them while swinging in the hammocks during the heat of the day when it was too hot to do anything but nothing. We got some swimming and sunbathing done, watched some movies at the restaurants, picked tiny seashells, and I managed to get a million mosquito/ sandfly bites on my legs. It's kind of sad but Liz and I got bored of the beach really fast. Maybe if we tried to party we'd have better stories to tell but we were in bed pretty early everynight. Oh well. The island is beautiful and I would go back just to try the snorkeling maybe.



At 9:25 AM, Blogger cyclichx said...

that sux, for some reason there arent any mozzies out here, but there is lots of cotton crap in the air. ugh stupid allergies


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