Thursday, June 21, 2007

Malaysia, Melaka: May 26-28

We actually spent all of the 26 travelling from the islands to Melaka. When we got into Melaka we got a little bit confused because the city looked very deserted. It was weird and we had a bit of trouble looking for the area where all the hostels were. We tracked it down after spotting a foreigner riding a bike down the street and asking him for directions. We checked into a place called Traveller's Lodge which was a nice place with a nice living room area. We even felt like cooking our own dinner there one night. Coleslaw with chicken, raisons and apples and it was surprisingly good.

Melaka has a lot of sightseeing. We went to see St. Paul's hill and the Sultan's Palace and that was enough for us. We checked out Chinatown one night and saw some really great food there so we planned to go back the next night but the next night, the place was completely deserted. Apparently, Chinatown is only lively on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. That was just too bad on our part. We did a bit of shopping but not much since we didn't want to haul our stuff all around asia with us. Oh and we went for a rickshaw ride one night.

The best thing that we did was sign up for a bike tour with our hostel. Our bike guide's name is Alias and his business is called "Melaka on Wheels". You'll see him mentioned in the next Edition of Lonely Planet so he'll probably be a busy guy after that. His bike trip is good because he took us through the palm tree plantation and rubber plantation and along the way you get to see all these different trees baring all sorts of fruits. Durian, jackfruit, pineapples, bananas, starfruit, rambutan, papayas, dragonfruits, custard apples and even herbs and coffee beans and cocoa. He sends you home with a lot of new knowledge and if the fruit is ripe, you get to try it. He also made us some toys from seeds and rubber and told us a lot of funny jokes. It was definately worth our money.



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