Sunday, September 24, 2006

What does an American, an Austrian and an Estonian have in common?

The best multi-cultural party ever of course!

There was lotsa yummy food....

Lotsa mingling...

And lotsa fun!!!
Thank you Ave, Katie and Christina for letting us eat your food and trashing your place once again. For more pics...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Oh Friday

Wow, you know summer's ended when you reflect on the last couple weeks and you're having trouble remembering what you did because you probably didn't do anything at all. Well, I guess I did do something, it's just not as much as before. Also, I must save money to travel and go on an internship and the best way to do that? Stay at home and eat at home. At least the summer was fun! I guess I haven't been bloggin on my own site about the summer's a recap: lots of trips, lots of good weather, lots of birthdays, lots of intern receptions, lots of dinners, lots of shopping, etc.

Oh yah, the Encana Event for our AIESEC partnership with Encana was last week. It was held at the Cantos Music Foundation and aside from some speeches, some food and some mingling, we all got a tour of this place which has a kind of museum of the evolution of music on the top level. There were pipe organs, pianos, synthesizers, electronic instruments and much more. You're probably thinking, "oh bore me to death why don't you?" but I highly recommend this place. The girl who took us around the place played some of the intruments so it's really interactive. Elton John's first piano is also at this place so you can say ooo ahhh....Here's a pic of Eldon and I bartending, although you can't see the bar but we were behind it!

Shane had his birthday party at Ranchman's last Saturday and let's just say, between Alan and I alone, we got him 10 shots. Um, Shane's not in the picture but I'm pretty sure he doesn't mind.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Camping in Drumheller - September 1-4

Drumheller was fun but it's not an ideal place to be camping, especially in a tent. The campgrounds are mostly for RVs and although I think we were at one of the best sites around, there was a lot of traffic going through our site, late at night and early in the morning.

The days were really hot and dry but at night it got super cold. We had to get extra blankets and sleeping bags in town. Oh and town was a 5 minute drive away and our site had washrooms and even a pool so it wasn't like we were roughing it at all.

For fun, we visited the Suspension bridge, the HooDoos, the largest dinosaur statue in the world, the Tyrrell Museum, hiked the badlands, biked in Horse Thief Canyon and ate a lot of food and listened to Amber and Jeremy sing Disney songs. Here's some good advice, don't bike in Horse thief canyon unless you're a hard core biker who would rather carry a bike through the terrain than ride or if you know this canyon well. Horse shoe canyon looks more bikable.

I think I prefer to be in the mountains than in this valley personally although I was really excited to see the badlands when we were first driving in. It's very different from what I'm used to seeing. If you know me, I prefer the shade under the trees.

For more pictures go to

I didn't take as many pictures as normal since there were 3 cameras present but hopefully I'll have access to the other pictures soon!